The Cheapest and Safest Way to Ship from the UK and US to Nigeria

Bukola Adekunle
July 2, 2024
6 mins read

When N5 million naira worth of items goes missing at shipping without any trace, the possibility of retaining calm and composure becomes far-fetched. This was Susan’s case. Medication was sent to her ailing mother in Nigeria alongside other valuable items, but they never made it to her doorstep. Countless people have lost valuable items worth millions due to mismanagement and unprofessionalism of the shipping company involved. 

Data from NIS's Migration Information Data Analysis System (MIDAS), showed that 3,679, 496 Nigerians left the country in the last two years. As more Nigerians migrate to countries such as the United Kingdom and the United States, the need for a cheap, reliable and efficient shipping company to make sending items to Nigeria as seamless and swift as possible becomes a priority. Fez Delivery fills this role perfectly and is renowned for bringing peace of mind to those who use its shipping services.

How Fez Delivery Stands Out from Competitors

Shipping issues can quickly escalate from minor inconveniences to significant headaches that leave you wishing you never took the step in the first place. We understand you want to send packages to loved ones without losing sleep and our job is to ensure that happens.

Undoubtedly, there are many players in the game, but very few masters. At Fez Delivery, we have mastered the game and stand out as not only one of the cheapest shipping companies but also the most reliable. It's little wonder that whoever uses our services never fails to come back. Here's why:

Fez Delivery has one of the cheapest shipping fees: What do you do if the price of the shipping fee is higher than the value of the item you want to send? More often than not, this is the dilemma of many people. We understand this and have drawn up our rates with a conscience so that you can enjoy maximum service delivery at a very pocket-friendly cost.

Prompt delivery: One of the challenges faced with exportation is delay. In 2023, Statista reported that just 64.2% of container ships reached their destination on time. That means out of every 100 shipments, almost 36 were delayed. Most times, delays are caused due to poor logistics planning, or carrier mishandling.

This is where Fez Delivery comes in. You can conveniently generate a tracking number and track your package from the comfort of your home while we work our magic to get it to your preferred destination.

Your packages arrive in good condition: It can be an extremely frustrating experience waiting days or weeks for a package only to have it show up bent or broken. Fez Delivery ensures all items under our care are properly packaged to avoid leakages, spilling, or any form of damage.

Stellar customer service: Our team is actively involved throughout the shipping process to ensure excellent service is delivered. Nothing makes us happier than seeing your big smile after your package has reached its destination hassle-free.

How to Ship to Nigeria from the UK and US Through Fez Delivery Use these 4 easy steps to begin your swift delivery from the UK and US to any location in Nigeria:

Step 1: Use Fez Delivery’s Address

Select “Send To Nigeria” on the Ship Now page of our website to get our valid address and input it as your delivery address during checkout, or have your package sent to the address.

Step 2: Create An Order

Proceed to create an order on the website. Choose your preferred shipping options and enter the necessary details accurately for a seamless delivery process.

Step 3: Deliver anywhere you want

Enjoy the convenience of having your packages delivered to any location in Nigeria.

Step 4: Track your shipment

Monitor the real-time status of your shipment as it travels from the UK or US to Nigeria.

Affordable shipping methods from the UK and US to Nigeria

Here are the different ways you can send packages to Nigeria from the UK and US:

Air Freight

With air freight, your package is loaded onto a plane and flown to your desired location in Nigeria. Most people prefer air freighting because it has one of the fastest delivery times and it is best for high-value or perishable goods. However, there is much less space on a plane and weight is a crucial factor. Looking to get a quote on freight shipping, you’ll need to check with the carriers you’re considering. Fez Delivery easily allows you to calculate the price based on the quantity and size.

Courier Services

As a general rule of thumb, anything under 100kg (personal items and gifts, for example) is usually worth using a courier service for. Think of a courier as receiving mail. The courier will collect your package and deliver it straight to the recipient’s doorstep. This method is easier than other modes of international cargo transportation.

If you’re looking for cheap international courier companies to ship items from the US and UK to Nigeria, Fez Delivery is the right choice for you. Courier services generally don’t have hidden costs, unlike freight where you can incur unexpected fees on top of your original quote. Fez Delivery is one of the few shipping companies where the cost is standard. What we say you will pay is what you will pay. No hidden charges.

Sea Freight

If after spending years abroad, you eventually want to relocate permanently to Nigeria, you’ll probably want to bring a few belongings with you. One of the cheapest options to send items down to Nigeria from the UK or US is via sea freight. There are different types of sea freight:
●  Full Container Load or (FCL) allows you enough space to fill a shipping container (20ft or 40ft).
●  Less than Container Load (LCL) will suffice if the items you’re shipping will not fill up a container. It allows you to share container space with other shipments.
●  Roll-on/Roll-off (RoRo) are mostly used to ship vehicles. It allows cars and other wheeled cargo to be driven onto the vessel and off at the destination port.

As you can guess, ships are not the fastest when it comes to miles covered per hour. Cargo ships sail between 17 to 24 knots. One knot is equivalent to one nautical mile per hour, which is 1.852 km/h to be precise. Although slow, it is one of the cheapest. When you think of the large savings, it makes it very worthwhile.

Important Things to Know When Shipping from the UK or US to Nigeria

Every country has laws, processes, and guidelines for goods entering its borders and Nigeria isn’t left out. Whether you’re in the UK, the US or any part of the world, here are key things to note:

Customs and Clearance

Customs clearance is a critical part of international shipping. It involves obtaining approval from the customs authority of the destination country, such as Nigeria.

A customs form also needs to be completed along with supporting electronic customs data when sending items that have a retail value (or are deemed to have an intrinsic value such as gifts, sales, or personal use). Any items that do not conform with this guidance may be delayed, fined, or returned to the sender

Dealing with customs is a very hectic process many people would rather not deal with. Fez Delivery ensures you do not need to deal with customs. Our capable team takes care of things from the get-go while you wait for your package or shipment to be delivered.

Duties and Taxes

Duties and taxes are mandatory for goods entering the country. These are based on the declared value of the items. It’s always good practice to check the latest rates and regulations to estimate additional costs that might be incurred.

Prohibited and Restricted Items

Some items have been enlisted as contraband and may be prohibited or restricted from entering Nigeria. To avoid this, you must always be aware of such goods. These can include certain food products, chemicals, and electronics. You can check the Nigerian customs website to view the list or consult your shipping agent to learn what is allowed and what is not.

How to Calculate Shipping Costs from the US or UK to Nigeria

Shipping costs from the US or UK to Nigeria may vary depending on various factors. E.g. the weight of the product(s), nature of the product(s), the quantity of purchase, cost of purchased item(s), and medium of delivery, alongside other factors. 

To calculate shipping costs for an item on Fez Delivery, follow the prompts below:

●  Step 1: Visit and click on ‘Get Quote’
●  Step 2: Select the delivery type - ‘Send to Nigeria’

●  Step 3: Select delivery mode: Here, you can add your preferred method of shipment.
●  Step 4: Input the weight of the package to be shipped.
●  Step 5: Select pickup zone: Choose either UK or US as the pickup zone i.e. the country you’re sending from.
●  Step 6: Select drop-off zone: Here, you input the state you’re sending your items to. Fez Delivery ships to all 36 states in the country.


Everyone deserves peace of mind when sending packages from point A to point B and that is exactly what Fez Delivery brings. From tracking your shipment in real time to transparent pricing models, we take the guesswork out of shipping and make the entire process as seamless as possible and very affordable too.

Choose Fez Delivery for super affordable and safe movement of packages from the UK or US to anywhere in Nigeria. We’re more than just a shipping company; we’re your partner in bridging the distance between you and your loved ones.