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Fez Delivery simplifies cross-country shipping from the UK to Nigeria. Enjoy easy package tracking, zero customs duties, and the convenience of using our UK address for shipping to Nigeria.

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How to ship to Nigeria from the UK through  Fez Delivery

Use Fez Address

Select “Send To Nigeria” on the Ship Now page to get our valid address and input it as your delivery address during checkout, or have your package sent to the address.

Create An Order

Proceed to create an order on the website. Choose your preferred shipping options and enter the necessary details accurately for a seamless delivery process.

Deliver anywhere you want

Enjoy the convenience of having your packages delivered to any location in Nigeria or pick up at our Lagos office.

Track your shipment

Monitor the real-time status of your shipment as it travels from the UK to Nigeria. 

There is nothing Fez cannot deliver, even miracle!

Happy New Year, FezDeliveryUK. Shipment well received since last week. Your service is topnotch. I’ll call back again 💯


There is nothing Fez cannot deliver, even miracle!

Hello, I’m honestly impressed with your UK to Nigeria service. The items have been delivered in one piece. Thank you. Will definitely refer you to more businesses.

Ayoola Abolanle


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions we have received in the past.

How are shipping costs calculated?

Use the get quote feature on the app or website to get an accurate cost.

What items can I ship with Fez Delivery?

You can ship various items. Excluding prohibited goods such as illegal substances, hazardous materials, and restricted items.  

Are there any additional charges outside of shipping costs?

Customers do not pay for handling and customs charges, except for items with specific special codes. Additional fees may apply for address changes or cancellations after the cutoff day.

What happens if a package gets lost or damaged during transit?

In the unfortunate event of a lost or damaged package, we have a comprehensive insurance policy that covers such situations. Please contact our customer support immediately to initiate the claim process.

Are there any weight or size restrictions for E-commerce packages shipped by Fez?

There are no specific weight or size restrictions for E-commerce packages shipped by Fez. However, we have a capped price for packages weighing between 0-5 kg. If the package exceeds this weight limit, additional costs will be incurred based on our agreed terms.

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