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We have an unmatched portfolio of bespoke logistics solutions. We can help you move your goods from any point.

Live Tracking

Watch your items go from pick up to delivery in real time. We provide our customers with real-time tracking. and up-to-the-minute status report as well as the courier's live location.

Seamless Delivery

We offer a full range of delivery solutions. We work with reliable partners to ensure prompt and consistent deliveries.

Dedicated Support

We provide dedicated support during business hours to assist with your delivery inquiries and ensure you have the best delivery experience.

Our services are tailored to suit all business type

We provide best-in-class delivery services to individuals
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We provide best-in-class delivery services to SME’s
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We provide best-in-class delivery services to Corporates & startups
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Nationwide Reach

We have well-trained riders that are polite, courteous, and provide best-in-class services from pickup to delivery.

Flexible Pricing

Every day, we commit to providing our customers with peace of mind, and this commitment extends to our pricing strategy. Just as delivering packages is our duty, offering flexible pricing options is our way of ensuring a stress-free experience for our valued clients.

Innovative Technology

Our team of professionals have been well trained to provide best-in-class services. We are also committed to making your delivery as hassle-free as possible.

Our superior offering sets us apart

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Some of the industries we cater to

Fez for Fintech

Benefit from our polite and efficient riders who deliver exceptional services tailored to the fintech industry.

Fez for E-commerce

Optimise your e-commerce business with our reliable and professional delivery solutions.

Fez for Pharma

Ensure the safe and timely delivery of pharmaceutical products with our specialised services.

Fez for Beauty

Experience exceptional delivery services designed specifically for the beauty industry.

There is nothing Fez cannot deliver, even miracle!

Happy New Year, FezDeliveryUK. Shipment well received since last week. Your service is topnotch. I’ll call back again 💯


There is nothing Fez cannot deliver, even miracle!

Our relationship with Fez delivery feels more of a business partner than a client. Most commendable is the agility to meet our demands even when it seemingly looks impossible sometimes.

Toheeb Azeez

Marketing Manager, Redbull, Nigeria

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