Cultivating A Thriving Culture: My Role In People & Culture At Fez Delivery

Melody-Joy Oshokoya
May 23, 2024
2 mins read

As the People and Culture Lead within the fast-paced realm of last-mile delivery, it's been my honour to lead efforts in developing a robust and inclusive culture at our organization. Our operational environment is distinct, with our Riders and Drivers (affectionately known as the Fez Heroes) being at the heart of our delivery service.

Taking on this role, I quickly understood that a positive culture is crucial for our success. A key challenge was to ensure our culture welcomed the diversity of roles within our organization. Our front-line riders and drivers encounter unique challenges, while our back-end staff provide essential support. Bridging the gap between these roles to create unity across our team was crucial.

For this reason, I prioritized open communication and collaboration between our front-line and back-end teams. I organized regular meetings and team-building activities to facilitate the exchange of experiences and insights. These efforts were aimed at removing barriers and strengthening relationships at all organizational levels.

Additionally, I introduced programmes to recognize and celebrate every employee's contribution. Although our Fez Heroes often represent our company's face, recognizing the value of each employee's effort is just as important. Through team meetings, recognition programmes, appreciation events, and personal gestures, we highlighted the critical role every member plays in our collective achievement.

Another obstacle was ensuring effective communication and support for our mobile front-line workforce. By leveraging technology, I streamline communication channels and provide access to resources and support tools. Regular check-ins and feedback sessions were also established to ensure our front-line staff felt supported and valued.

Furthermore, I focused on initiatives specifically designed for our front-line team, including training programmes, wellness initiatives, and resources to manage stress and fatigue. Demonstrating our commitment to their well-being helped us build trust and loyalty within our teams.

Navigating these challenges taught me that developing a strong culture in our industry requires adaptability, empathy, and a deep understanding of our team's diverse needs. Promoting unity in diversity and ensuring each team member feels valued has helped us create a workplace where everyone can excel and contribute to our shared goals.