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We help fintechs maintain high-level service excellence in the delivery of their products from pickup to customers' doorstep. Smooth API. Faster deliveries. No stories.


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Deliver debit cards to your customers’ doorstep

Experience the ultimate convenience of having debit cards delivered right to your customers' doorstep!

Deliver Point-of-Sale terminals across Nigeria

We are committed to delivering your valuable Point-of-Sale terminals in a secure and timely manner.

There is nothing Fez cannot deliver, even miracle!

Happy New Year, FezDeliveryUK. Shipment well received since last week. Your service is topnotch. I’ll call back again 💯


There is nothing Fez cannot deliver, even miracle!

Our relationship with Fez delivery feels more of a business partner than a client. Most commendable is the agility to meet our demands even when it seemingly looks impossible sometimes.

Toheeb Azeez

Marketing Manager, Redbull, Nigeria


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions we have received in the past.

What types of card deliveries does Fez handle?

Fez handles ATM card deliveries.

What happens if a card is lost or damaged during delivery?

We provide goods in transit insurance that covers the cost of replacement for your items. Rest assured, we take every measure to protect each item in our care.

Can Fez handle international card deliveries?

Yes, Fez is capable of handling both nationwide and international card deliveries.

How does Fez ensure the security of card deliveries?

Fez ensures the security of card deliveries through several measures. As an ISO certified organization, we prioritize the security of your cards. Each card is treated as a security item, and we take all necessary precautions to keep them safe while they are in our care.

How can we partner with Fez for our FINTECH card delivery needs?

Meet: We arrange a meeting to discuss your specific requirements and understand your business needs.
Sign SLA: Once we have agreed upon the terms and conditions, we proceed with signing a Service Level Agreement (SLA) to formalise the partnership.
API Integration or Dashboard Onboarding: Depending on your preferred method, we facilitate the integration of our delivery services either through API integration or onboarding your team onto our user-friendly dashboard.
Commence Deliveries: After the integration or onboarding process is complete, we are ready to start handling your card deliveries efficiently and securely.

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