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Fez is a complete solution for your delivery commitments to your customers and partners.

Same Day Delivery

We deliver same day within Lagos and its environs.

Nationwide Delivery

We are present in all 36 states and the FCT.

Overseas Delivery

Experience the exceptional convenience of our international product delivery services.

Premium Delivery

We partner with you to provide a bespoke and premium delivery.

There is nothing Fez cannot deliver, even miracle!

Happy New Year, FezDeliveryUK. Shipment well received since last week. Your service is topnotch. I’ll call back again 💯


There is nothing Fez cannot deliver, even miracle!

Our relationship with Fez delivery feels more of a business partner than a client. Most commendable is the agility to meet our demands even when it seemingly looks impossible sometimes.

Toheeb Azeez

Marketing Manager, Redbull, Nigeria


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions we have received in the past.

What is the typical delivery time for corporate shipments with Fez?

Lagos: Delivery is typically completed within 24 hours.
South West: Expect a delivery time of 1-3 working days.
Rest of Nigeria: Deliveries to other parts of Nigeria usually take 3-5 working days.

What regions or countries does Fez cover for corporate deliveries?

Fez provides corporate delivery services to various regions and countries globally.

Are there any size or weight restrictions for corporate deliveries?

There are no specific weight or size restrictions for E-commerce packages shipped by Fez. However, we have a capped price for packages weighing between 0-5 kg. If the package exceeds this weight limit, additional costs will be incurred based on our agreed terms.

How do we make payment?

Our corporate services payment could be pre-paid or post-paid. We are flexible on the payment side of things.

Do we get special support?

Yes, we have special support for our business clients. We could set up group on Skype, Slack or even WhatsApp.

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