How to order from Shein and ship to your doorstep in Nigeria

Bukola Adekunle
July 2, 2024
5 mins read

Somewhere in Lagos state, Nigeria, a young woman is lying on her couch, her phone in her hand, and she’s scrolling through social media looking at her favourite influencer doing a clothing haul from Shein. She’s taking screenshots and saving her favourite looks to a folder.

As the influencer changes into another dress, this young woman thinks of all the places she could wear the outfits too. There’s a pending brunch date with her besties and a mini vacation her partner has planned for the coming month, which also falls around her birthday. One of her friends joked that it might be a surprise proposal. Her cousin’s baby shower is coming up soon too. 

She glances at her closet and realises that she should be much more excited about these upcoming events. But because there’s nothing good in there to wear to these outings, she’s yet to feel the excitement. She tells herself that it’s been a long time since she upgraded her wardrobe, and it might be time to do so.

She scrolls through more of her saved posts, and more Shein outfits keep popping up among these influencers’ and fashionistas’ posts. 

What is Shein?

Shein is one of the world’s largest retailers. You can buy fashion items, jewellery, beauty products, home decor pieces, and electronics from there. But what has brought many people to the platform is the female clothing and accessories section. Shein is one of the dominant players in the fast fashion market. You can find a variety of clothing for different sizes, body types, and occasions.

Whether you’re a mom-to-be in need of comforts to lounge in all day, or you’re a party animal who’s out every weekend, or a fashion content creator who knows how to put together endless fashion looks, or you’re going on a trip and need to get some wardrobe essentials and basics, whatever your style is and the occasion, you can find something that looks good on Shein.

Why shop on Shein?

  1. Affordability: You can get affordable, stylish items on Shein for as low as $1.
  2. Versatile: You get endless options of clothing and other items and you can create styles that make you look more put together at a reasonable price. 
  3. Discounts and offers that help you save: When you get on the Shein website or app, you’re immediately welcomed with pop-ups on deals, discount codes, offers, and flash sales, which is every shopper's dream.
  4. Variety of sizes for different body types: Shein’s outfits range from sizes XXS to XXL, which means you’d probably find something that fits your body type on their platform.
  5. Trendy: If you love trendy outfits and you want to recreate the looks from your saved pins and posts or your favourite influencers, you can find some of the best styles on Shein.
  6. Shein reviews make it more trustworthy: The reviews from other shoppers under each item make it easy to get more info about the item you’re purchasing, and you can see photos from real-life people and what they think about the purchase.

Shein, however, isn’t a local store, so if you’re buying from Nigeria, consider using Shein’s delivery options or opt for a good shipping company that ships items from abroad to Nigeria.

Here’s how to shop on Shein from Nigeria

First, you’d need to download the Shein app on your phone. You can also use the Shein website if you’d like, but we’d recommend using the app as it saves your items and you can easily return to what you were doing if you get distracted.

Once you've downloaded and opened the app, grab the sign-in freebies and coupons and sign up. It’s easy. Simply fill in the details, which consist of your email and phone number, then verify your phone number, and start shopping.

To shop, search for the items you’ve saved or browse through Shein’s collections and add them to the cart. One of the things we love about shopping on Shein is that you can search by photo. So take all the screenshots from the social media posts you like and easily search for the same outfits.

When you’ve found the product you like, tap it to view the details. Remember to read the reviews. There you’d get more information from other shoppers and see what it looks like on them. When you’re satisfied, add everything you want to your cart. 

Proceed to make a payment and get your items shipped. You might be wondering, does Shein ship to Nigeria? Note that Shein might offer free shipping to Nigeria on selected items if you buy items worth more than $125. If all your items are in the free shipping category, you’re in luck, but mind you, free shipping can take longer and you may be required to pay some fees at customs to clear your order when they arrive in Nigeria.

If you’re not qualified for Shein’s free shipping, or if you’d rather get your items delivered faster and without the hassle of having to clear your goods, then your best bet to ship your Shein items to Nigeria is Fez Delivery. You get both fast delivery and the best cost.

What is Fez Delivery?

Fez Delivery is a last-mile delivery company that helps you shop from the UK, US, or China and ship to Nigeria at an affordable cost. With Fez Delivery, you do not pay customs duties, you can track your package, and you get it delivered to your doorstep wherever you are in Nigeria. Processes are smooth from pickup to delivery. 

Here’s how to ship your Shein items to Nigeria using Fez Delivery:

Step 1: Go to and choose the country you want to ship from. The address for that specific country will be shown. No sign-ups are required.

Step 2: Copy the address and use it as your shipping address when purchasing from Shein or any other platform. Label your package with "Your Name - Fez Delivery."

Step 3: Go to to place an order by filling out the form and providing all necessary details, including your order number.

Step 4: When your package reaches our UK, USA, or China warehouse, you will receive an email notification to proceed with the payment. Once the payment is confirmed, your shipment will be processed.

This whole process takes between 5 - 7 days, and you’d have your items from Shein delivered straight to your doorstep in Nigeria. 

Why ship with Fez Delivery?

  1. Fast and reliable - Shipping from the UK takes about 5 - 7 days, unlike shipping with Shein, which could take as long as 18 days.
  2. No custom fees - You do not need to pay custom fees or handling fees because Fez delivery takes care of it for you.
  3. Affordable shipping to Nigeria - You get the best rates in the market with Fez delivery.
  • For USA orders, we charge $9.46/kg.
  • For UK orders, we charge £5.30/kg.
  • For China orders, we charge $8/kg.
  1. Fez Delivery accepts all cargo sizes - You can ship bulky or large items like clothing, and decor, or deliver smaller items like fashion accessories to Nigeria with Fez Delivery.
  2. Easy tracking and real-time updates - You can easily track your deliveries as orders move through queues. Simply enter the details on the website and submit.
  3. Security and safety guaranteed - Your items are handled safely and are secure. They are also insured. 
  4. 24/7 customer support - If you have issues with your delivery, you can submit a ticket or use the live chat feature on the website to speak with a support agent.

Here’s what some customers are saying about Fez Delivery


There was a time when it looked like the only people who could access trendy outfits were those who travelled a lot and shopped directly from those stores or those who had people visiting from abroad to bring them along during their next trip to Nigeria. 

But with Fez Delivery, your favourite international stores are now closer than you think. 

You can finally get your hands on the outfits you’d been eyeing from Shein and other international stores at a fraction of the time and cost, and you can get them delivered straight to your doorstep wherever you are in Nigeria. Visit to start shipping your items.